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Initial commit

A brief summary of my goals with this blog.

Thomas Johansen Kvael

Feb 8, 20223 min read
A brief summary of my goals with this blog.

I want to start this blog by explaining my intentions behind it..

The main reason I created this blog is to help me release personal projects.

In my career as a developer, I have mostly worked as a freelancer for a limited set of companies over a long period. Unfortunately, many of these companies have been merged or shut down.

That has left me with a limited portfolio and a monotonous tech stack experience. Except for the companies I have worked with, I have 29 personal “projects” on GitHub. I have shipped one project, this website.

In other words, there is room for improvement.

Areas of improvement

The most common reason I have many unfinished projects is that I lose interest during development. Either I get a new idea that I think is more interesting to work with. Or I start to overcomplicate things and think about all of the functionality I need to have in place before I can launch.

To stay focused and committed to the project I work on, I want to set myself goals and timelines. I want to quickly release an MVP to make me more committed to the project. And by splitting the tasks into minor releases, I can hopefully get rid of the feeling of never reaching the finish line.


The need for perfectionism causes simple tasks to take up way more time than necessary.

Two examples where perfectionism destroys a project's progress are.
I spend 30 hours optimizing assets loading in Next JS or trying too hard to implement DRY principles throughout the codebase.

None of these optimizations would have been necessary for an initial launch. The outcome is always that my progress reaches the ground floor.
I want to force myself to add these tasks to upcoming major releases in future projects.


I have decided to cut down on long-term freelance work and commit my spare time to projects that I find interesting and educational. Besides building my own products, I want to focus on minor projects where I can develop skills within new languages and techniques.

The categories of projects I will focus on is:

  • Minor Products (SaaS)
  • Tooling
  • Contribute to open source.

But why a blog?

I hope that if I share my progress from the start, I will want to continue sharing further progress. And if I publish a blog post about a new project I'm working on, it will be more difficult to abandon the project.

Another reason to write a blog is to improve my writing skills. At the time of writing, I am terrible at writing, especially in English.

This post is a brief summary of my goals with this blog.
I will try my best to update the blog with the progress I make, and I will also publish some tips related to the stack choices I take along the road.